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Monday, May 03, 2004

Mixed feelings

In Nanyang U 4 years I have spent,
the time i borrowed, is time someone lent,

some view it with regret, and some with disdain,
Elation, Understatement, Anxiety and Pain,
Some are frustrated, some hopeful and some self pity.
Some disenchantment, indifference, sentimentality.

In truth, my answer would be all of the above,
i have changed irrevocably here, dont know how,

no point being optimistic,any thing i say is rhetoric,
but say something, or be branded a cynic,

ntu had labels many, typecasts i will be glad to break,
small society of strangers, each one our opinions make.

the future beckons, seductress, tempts me across the chasm,
here i go, in search of that great big orgasm.


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