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Friday, May 07, 2004

why singapore depresses me

this place, depresses me endlessly. I am easily depressible, but this town just takes me to new lows. This place has no spirit. You can live without freedom, you can live without riches, you can live without justice. But this place has no humanity left. Its been sucked out of it. Even in the poorest slums of Bombay, people have a will to live, and a yearning to survive. They have a glorious view of a future, and dreams of success. They produce gangsters, gangster movies, and skimpily clad heroines who dance around trees. In Rio De Janeiro, people lead socialist movements, party, even in the city of God, people have ambitions born of hope. In New York, people dream the wall street dream, people all over have aspirations and emotions. In Singapore, life is driven by fear and negativity. People want to be rich, not to enjoy being rich, but from fear of being poor. People in Singapore fear everything. The law, authority, success, lack of success, everything is driven by negativity. People dont look up to the sky and say, well, this is a lovely morning. People wake up early and work hard, because they think, well, we had better work hard, or else we will not survive. The battle for survival has been degraded to its basest level here. Community initiatives , Society as a whole, has this strong chinese undercurrent of " face". the facade of being happy for the sake of other people. I have heard tokyo is very similar in the sense of general angst that pervades society. You can see the depression in Manga, in Anime. But in Singapore, the people are all hollow, they really have nothing much to say. Everyone lives in little lego houses, as if they are pretending to live. Even the politicians pretend to be proud of it. Singapore is not a nation. It is just a very large group of people who have no where else to go.


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