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Monday, May 10, 2004

the freaking pain

seriously, in this little isolated community of foreigners in a strange land, young college ppl, there has been a lot of pain. People have fallen in love and been crushed. ppl have been excluded from groups, people have hated each other snubbed each other. and as i look back at it, i feel, fucking shit..why couldnt we all jes get along?

expectations, feelings, everything mished mashed in this little society.

i hope im better equipped to handle it next least ive come out of this with a few good friends..i guess thats what matters in the end..a few good friends..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right...better to have a few good friends...quality over quantity..than have none at all! Cheeeeers, Ravi

12:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's true for any place I think. If you had been in India or studied in some place like the US, you would still be saying the same thing. It is not reasonable to get along with everyone simply because half the time we identify our priorities by linking them to people around us. The sheer baggage of being accountable and being plugged in to the people we get along with means that there has to be a fixed number and not just everyone. But still, the best way to open up to as many people as possible is to make yourself an open book so that atleast people see what you truly are. I know in your case, that will need some effort. And I know you have been making one. So see how it goes....


5:42 PM

Blogger Drops Of Jupiter said...

Summed up four years in five sentences

3:09 PM


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