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Saturday, June 18, 2005

tragicomix unravelled

So, my company paid a whole lot of money for me to go to this workshop called "Life". Did some holistic thinking, personality preference testing, creative tensioning, inner vision development, climbing up and down ladders of inference. Came away with the strong sense that Westerners somehow struggle very hard to find their sense of balance in life. Maybe it is affluence or a cultural afflication. Met a guy who went through a divorce, got himself a " life coach " (company paid for that too) . I think Asians tend to find their sense of balance much easier. this concept of detatchment and maya seems ingrained in our culture. I tend to go through life thiniking it is some one elses, all the feelings we feel, the emotions we express, everything is just something happening to someone in this universe of being. Don't know why it is so hard for them to get.


Anonymous Naveen said...

perhaps it is because Asians never had to work as hard as the westerners...

10:00 AM

Anonymous viv said...

Or is it because we have to work harder in life (in general) and don't have time to bother about things that seem to be a bigger problem the harder you think about it?

10:53 AM


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