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Thursday, March 17, 2005

other people's lives

the great thing about blogging is that it allows me to satisfy one of my most sacred subconscious needs, my need for attention, while retaining a virtual wall of is the same kind of privacy I have in large crowds, i get to do my own thing in my space, the urban walls of indifference shield me from excessive embarassment..

but sometimes it is fascinating to see what people really think about..a nice little window into other peoples lives..into a completely different perspective..a different reference frame.. the diveristy astounds me. .you can almost live the other person's life..

i think blogging is going to unleash a new phase in humanity..much like is a phenomenon that facilitates greater human interaction, without the ugly clashes, much like democracy allowed for a systematic approach to settle differences....will this translate into change in the real world ? in the long term..i think it will..


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