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Sunday, June 12, 2005

vodka pani puri :

nowhere is globalization as evident as in bombay, where pratap da dhaba, also known as chawlas, a venerable institution that has been around since the 60's, offers pani puri vodka shots. with of course, vodka being the pani in the puri. my humble salutations to mr pratap, who came up with this brilliant idea(?)
that was highlight of bombay - 35 degrees.


Blogger Drops Of Jupiter said...

Hey! first time at your blog. What a freakish coincidence that your blog and mine are in the same format! (not that freakish..but anyway)
Vodka pani puri, in my hometown..must must must try.

2:31 PM

Blogger shakester said...

hmmm, I dont know when they atarted it, but it came to Delhi afew years ago in the place called Punjabi By Nature- quite disappointing actually. And wya too expensive to be worth it

11:41 AM

Anonymous vidhi said...

Hi, can u please help me with the address of Chawla's/ Pratap's dhaba?

7:42 PM

Anonymous Kamath said...

I guess the Pani Puri -Alcohol credit goes to rajesh Khanna (Ref: Amar Prem 1971) in which he does have scotch Puri...

1:09 PM

Anonymous Getafix said...

Absolut Pani puri is essentially regular Pani Puri (admittedly, not a “Chaat” per se), only with shots of Vodka instead of “pani.” This is thought to have been invented either at a rave party in Goa, or by the members of an Indian-American college fraternity, Delta Epsilon Sigma Iota. It was perfected at the Official Bhangra Blowout After-Party, 2003.

8:35 PM

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