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Monday, December 06, 2004

angst ridden sunrises

why doesnt anyone read my blog ? how do i get a blog popular ? wish i knew..never been too popular blog is a wishing wand trying to wish away my loneliness..women come and women go..i wish they would soothe my soul instead of flaming it in bursts of passion.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi again. One way in which you can get more people to your site is to open links on your site to theirs. To start this process, open an account with and then add links to site which you visit. Give a minute or two; the links will appear in your blog home page. Click on them, leave your comments and invite people to visit your blog. Once people drop in and read your posts, they might feel comfortable enough to comment. Cheeeeers and All the best! :) Ravi

12:07 AM

Blogger Ubermensch said...

first put up a damn profile and speak ur mind.

6:05 AM

Blogger apple said...

liked ure posts ... reason: singapore has a way of connecting like-minded people, specially foreigners who feel left out of this whole syndrome of the 5cs and hokkien mee... eat shop and be merry for tomorrow your CPF may be reduced to half!

11:20 AM


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