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Monday, August 22, 2005

my first intervention

so, I was enjoying sunday lazing around when one vociferous friend of mine decided it was time for an intervention. The guy shares a flat with me, so it is difficult to escape. So there I was looking forward to munching on my cornflakes, wondering about where to go to lunch, (andhra curry perhaps ? i needed some spice in this dull existence) when my friend explodes on me about how fat I have become. He pointed out a few supporting facts

Fact 1 : I was skinny and weighed 75 Kgs when I came to singapore 5 years ago. i now weigh 98
Fact 2 : Everyone eats one noodle packet, or cup once in a while. I eat 2-3 at a time, and many many times.
Fact 3 : People have breakfast, lunch and dinner , i have coffee, snacks, lunch, snacks, dinner, snacks, supper, noodles
Fact 4 : I never excercise, seldom indulge in activity, and spend most of my weekend lounging on the sofa. Other people play sports, i play golf.

In the words of my aforementioned "friend" - "You are like a python man, you were just skinny, and then swallowed something whole. You may have pulled it off for a while coz you were tall and all, but now everyone is telling me you have becomme massive man. "

My girlfriend then promptly validated all his claims, and piled on to me, enforcing a strict excersise and dietary regimen. There was repeated talk of uncles who ate a lot and got diabetes.

sigh..i have now become FAT..

more later on the battle of the bulge


Blogger D said...

i have been meaning to get off my arse and start exercising... but i just have no will.
tell me when your regime starts!
oh and best of luck for it!!!

11:18 AM

Blogger Mint Chutney said...

You need motivation like being the maid of honor at your sister's wedding a year after you had your 2nd kid. Yes, i know a year sounds like a long time, but I was riding the "I JUST had a baby" wave for as long as I could.

12:49 PM

Anonymous akr said...

oh boy, best of luck.
The python one is damn funny , if a trifle tragic
[huh! tragicomix, now I get it:)]
And, exercise regimens are a bummer. what do you do if you do not 'love' the way exercise feels....???

mint: haha

3:26 PM

Blogger virdi said...

hey, put this song and do some arobics..
i like to shake it shake it!!
i like to shake it shake it!!
i like to move it move it!!
;-) dont worry u being fat means u r prospering in life.. thats what is said in India.. belly is the sign for Prosperity in life!!!

6:37 PM

Blogger Drops Of Jupiter said...

But methinks you're at ease with being fat..yeah?

11:31 AM

Blogger chill said...

He called you a python eh. Guess hes pissed with you not letting him on the couch..

11:12 PM


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