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Friday, August 26, 2005

when in doubt, eat..

one of the great things about being in a sales role, is discovering these fantastic places to eat,

here is a list of great places for an ex vegetarian Indian to eat in Singapore

1. Raj - one funky Swamy lifted his veshti and set up shop in Calcutta in 1965. 40 years later, Singapore became home to Raj, the king of Indian vegetarian places here. the place has really caught my imagination, with the miniature molaga podi idlis, and the cream of cream friends think I have gone nuts about this place -

2. Gangotree - best place for Indian chinese food, the gobi manchuria and fried rice. the rest is crap, but this stuff is great

3. andhra spice/ andhra cury - the gongura is to die idea of bliss is eating chicken 65 at andhra curry and farting red farts afterwards. I am sure the food there has done serious damage to my liver and stomach lining, but it is soo worth it. you can also pick up a telugu CD there as you leave

4. rang mahal - pan pacific- i would call this fusion food, strangely westernized indian food that still manages to taste good ..

5. marches - the cow outside, the rosti inside..the best western food in town ! beats all the pretentious five stars hollow !

6. hong kong street chun kee : the best place for chinese food, the black pepper chicken, the sweet and sour pork, the baby kailan, best value for money, cheap good food

7. chutney mary - i like this place, the chaat is great there, no matter what people say. siglap's little gem

8. Portobellos/ original sin - great mediterranean places with pasta and hummus to die for

9. ganga woodlands - went there nearly every week when i first came here, but the bangalorean in me will always like this place

10. cha cha chas - great mexican food at holland V..chimichangas and kahlua mousse..great stuff !


Anonymous viv said...

Dude, how do you get to Gangotree? (sounds like Mango tree :P) I love Indian Chinese food.

2:48 PM

Anonymous tragicomix said...

gangotree is on a very strangely named hindoo road, off serangoon road, only have the gobi manchuria and fried rice.can't vouch for the rest.. say hello to the aunty and uncle there for me

3:19 PM

Blogger D said...

where is this andhra place??? and is that "gangotree" or "MANGOtree" that mexican place is called "cha cha cha"?? am planning to check these all out you see - hence the interrogation!

4:29 PM

Blogger Bootless Bob said...

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10:06 PM

Blogger Bootless Bob said...

The South Indian Thaali at Gangotree... orgasmic stuff that... Inspires me to song:

Ere' I was sated and free,
I had the Thaali at Gangotree.
Now I am so full as full can be,
That I can't help but sing off-key...

You get the picture. Other great places Al Majlis on Arab Street (recommend the Masala Chai and Muhalabia), Gorkha Grill on Smith Street (Momos, Masala Chai and Chilli Chicken), Al Forno Trattoria in Novena (thin crust pizzas and most things italian).

10:08 PM

Blogger Sayesha said...

Is number 6 the one in Katong??

10:15 AM

Anonymous tragicomix said...

d: Mango tree is another indian place in the east coast, Gangotree is an aunty uncle place on hindoo road..

11:06 AM

Anonymous tragicomix said...

sayesha : there are many branches, yeah, i think i know the one you are referring to, go there before you leave the east ! go for the black pepper and the sweet and sour..

11:07 AM

Anonymous Divya said...

Those in Tanjong Pagar, check out Akbar's a muslim stall opposite RLC building. Has Vegetarian version of nearly all malay stuff and serves AWESOME Teh Alia.

11:33 AM

Blogger Kaps said...

Tried Raj's a few times. Looks like they use coconut oil for Onion Uthappam....not quite good.

I also tried the new Anjappar which has opened in Race Course Road. The veg set lunch is quite yummy.

6:40 PM


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