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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Human value and the terror attacks.

Very often, in Asian societies, I beileve we ascribe too little value to a human life. The whole "family" value system encourages and forces self sacrifice. You are taught from the beginning that you are no better than a worm in the larger scheme of things..and you accept your destiny fatalistically..When pulled out from the system..many of us flounder..wondering what purpose we could have independent of our environments..and are unable to cope with the sudden self importance..lacking any purpose.coz we've never had to deal with it before..

westerners on the other hand..bomb an entire country because 2 soldiers are kidnapped.. more people die in bathtubs than terrorist attacks..but that justifies Iraq and Afghanistan being invaded and decimated.. Terror attacks in London and Madrid produce visceral reactions in the populace there. In Mumbai, life goes on, and we "admire" the "Mumbai" spirit..

I say , it is more a reflection of our poverty, that in spite of such tragedy, our life must go on.. we have no time to time to respect the dignity of the people who died.. we move on..and get back into the race to survive.

It makes you feel very small when it hits you. The fact that you do not matter..and that you have no value as a human being.


Blogger Taxman said...

It just goes to show how conservative Asians are.. Asians prefer diplomacy as a method rather than aggression..

10:02 AM

Blogger Naveen said...

I think this "Mumbai Spirit" is a spin given to the plight of mumbaikers. They have no option but to go to work the next day. A days earning missed means no food for the children. Well yeah, this spin is probably a reflection of the maturing inter religious dependencies that's arising in a deeply networked economy of mumbai. That the rest of India didn't take this as a reason to vend off their anger is also part of the spirit. Indians are getting their priorities straight. More and more Indians are coming and joining the mainstream

11:44 AM

Blogger Sayesha said...

Good post... I too was wondering if the 'Mumbai spirit' is just a fancy name for the lack of choice that the Mumbai pple have.

8:34 AM


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