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Monday, August 29, 2005

dealing with mediocrity

i read this article about this 29 year old guy who traded in stocks and shares and ended up being a millionaire. We read about people who win lotteries. Or like the guy in Envy, who invents a chemical to vapourize dog poo. I read about men who marry rich wives..people seem to make money in the most ingenious of ways..

I wish i could be extraordinarily good at good that it paid me a lot of money..just to be.. it is so teribble to be ordinary..nothing more than your father or mother's life repeated in the same dull pattern...i envy the life of the idle rich..the rich have such opportunity..

i often dream, that if I had a million bucks, I would make it 10 million... it's very hard to make 10 dollars a thousand, it is so much easier to turn one million into 10.. is to dreaming...


Blogger Casablanca said...

"Money, money, money,
Always sunny,
In a rich man's world"

5:44 PM

Blogger APOO said...

Many people made money. Almost everyone makes money. Make millions, zillions, or tens. What difference did you make?

I think its not the money but what you do in life which makes a difference. Bill Gates is the richest, but he changed the world, which is more important. Someone who made money out of stocks made no difference to the world.

You will make tons of money. But what sets you apart from the rest?

10:00 AM

Blogger APOO said...

Ok, if I made any sense previously, please explain what I said.... I read it and fail to make any sense! LOL!

10:00 AM


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