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Sunday, October 09, 2005

my own arc

haven't blogged in a long time.
summary of events :
- travelled to india, trapped in a cyclone, escaped in a train.
- read the broker, by john grisham and realized that paperbacks are fun, and nothing more
- drank a lot of wine in various places, wine is a nice afternoon alcohol.
- went to china again - the abundance of wealth and growth is astounding, trhe contrast in the countryside is stark and disturbing.
- watched hazaaron khwaishe , understood yet disagreed with the leftists.
- found a new house to move in - filled with apprehension
-most recently, had an excellent meal of red rice and chicken curry and lots of coconut filled items in kerala cuisine
- currently slightly inebriated.

sigh..these are all simple narrations of if life could be described as "start, live and stop"
Everyone has epic arcs, feats of triumph, acts of glory, victories and defeats, tragedy , adversity and redemption. wish i could locate my arc. wish i could focus on some destination, this listlessnes and random diversity of actions is crushing me....need to find my arc..


Blogger Taxman said...

Now this is truly a web log - expressing yourself in minimum words. Just keep searching and you will find your arc.

9:20 AM

Blogger AJ said...

nice... quick and all encompassing. I'm inspired to be short winded too.. lol

4:23 PM

Anonymous akr said...

I could say the arc will find you but I would be neither right nor wrong, yet both.
the thing with finding an arc is, you'll find it but just till the point you know that's it, another one will appear...
or is that just me rambling like i think arcs would...

5:42 PM

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