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Sunday, September 04, 2005

hedging bets with god

I always used to bet against India whenever India played an important match. The logic was kinda like "if any0ne must lose, please let it be me.." if India did lose, the pain was assuaged by monetary benefits..if India won..well..yay..

problem is, i have been applying this principle to the rest of my life, and investing time, money and mental effort in outcomes I dont really want, hoping only to relieve some of the pain if the eventuality does pan out..

don't know if it is a really smart strategy in life..end up not even waiting for the outcome, and taking the safe route all the time...
safe job, safe house, safe relationship, safe friends, safe hobbies.. depresses me..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger shakester said...

safety sucks....up till you really value it.
f'n dodgy one that- to take the safe option or the adventurous one. full of greys ....

2:37 PM

Blogger Drops Of Jupiter said...

Friends sometimes let you down so bad...

6:03 PM

Blogger Casablanca said...

Firstly, start using word verification.. spam comments totally suck!
Secondly, are these signs of quarter-life crisis setting in? When finally things have settled down in life, you dont like the "settled" feeling? I am going through that too...

9:40 PM

Anonymous Naveen said...

i am guessing, are you afraid of something?

11:15 AM

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Anonymous the girlfriend said...

The institution of safety is for the weakn with great mental coherence, atleast thats what I think. One needs a degree of irrationality with courage to take risks. Call it impulse or instinct. It may not be a smart strategy either. But it definitely cannot be justified as well as the safe moves! The question I have is - who are you answerable to ?!

2:07 PM

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